Thursday, December 31, 2009

So long, farewell...

Second note of the night...I'm welcoming the last day of the year with a quiet nite view of KLCC, KL Tower & Genting...the sky is rather reddish tonight...sure it's gonna rain later...and it's gloomy too...I'm in similar mode anyway...hope this would not be a sleepless nite...

Finally...2009 has come to an end. I can't really seem to recall last year's new year eve or how did I spent new year. Where was I and what was I doing? Gosh...signs of aging! But truly undeniable that God has bee faithfully walking with me throughout the year. Lots of ups and downs that I'm unwilling to recall and pen down...but His grace is every sufficient for me. His love is ever enough for me. His mercy is ever waiting for me.

I have not recall setting any specific goals for the year...or maybe I'm too tired renewing them year after year...but there are things that I've successfully done and failed to do...but all in all I want to thank God that He had planned every detail of my life so carefully and His plans are good.

1) I wanted to grow stronger in loving God...but now I've learnt to pray carefully because when we ask, He will give. And there was I, struggling with life's two greatest disappointments...but ended up He was greater above all. And humbly may I express my gratitude to Him for giving me strength to love Him more. Those precious lessons and experiences are unforgettable yet valuable for strengthening my walk with Him.

2) I wanted to have a breakthrough in serving God. Thank God for giving me the chance to lead 2 Campus CG this year. Growing together with them is the greatest privilege I can have in GEPC.

3) I planned my first wedding ever for my best friends - J&Y. Thank God for His grace everything went well and I must say that this is one of the best weddings I've attended so far. I find passion in weddings and am seriously considering to learn more in this area...probably in mind to take up freelance wedding planning...

4) I wrote a song! This is definitely not in my list but I did it a gift for J&Y wedding. Thanks to D who helped me a lot for this song and it really feels wonderful to have walked down the aisle in this piece...simply indescribable...

5) I visited Hong Kong! Though tickets has been purchased last year yet the H1N1 was said to be serious during the time...thank God everything went smooth and I went and came back healthily :) The trip was awesome and given a chance I must say I will visit again and again...I'm so not done with the food, sight-seeing, shopping...and many more!

6) I changed my phone....was a long waited need though it is not considered as an accomplishment...but I want to thank God for His provision and 'blessings' know who you are...thanks for your love!

7) Also, lastly, but nothing to shout about...I took a big step earlier this year in a relationship. Thank God for His love that has brought me through. I have not looked back ever since and I pray that He will continue to lead me on.

So what have I not done?
1) I wanted to be healthier...well I seemed to fail this year after year...gastric wind has been attacking more than ever especially towards the end of the year...probably stress I would conclude. I pray for His healing to take place. Only He knows every single cell and discomfort in me. But i thank God I lose a few inches and shed off my flabs a bit. At least I feel lighter now. haha...

2) I wanted to have a move in my jxx (for me to know and for you to guess) but somehow doors were opened and closed and opened and closed. Even until this hour this is one of the thing that is keeping me awake!

3) I wanted to go to beach/sea/island trip...followed by the cancellation of the Bali trip...I had to settle with Rompin little to know that it was a teh tarik sea! haha....much laughter follows....

Kesimpulannya, I would say 2009 is a year of faithfulness. Meaning it in many ways.
Somehow different from past years...I want to look forward to what is going to come. Let the past be at the back where it was. I will be setting new goals for the year...with new hope for the year to come...

And to start the new year? I'm going back to my beloved hometown to spend time with my dearest mummy. Journey mercy to all who travels...we don't need another news on the page...

So long, farewell 2009.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009





Monday, December 28, 2009

Jacob & Shanen's Wedding 26th December 2009

Finally, after months of preparation and running around...the day has come.
26th December 2009, a remarkable day for dearest Jacob Liaw & Shanen Yap, my best friends, who were joined together in holy order of matrimony, marking the beginning of their marriage prayers for them that God will bless their love...

I'm truly blessed to be part of this wedding and to witness the love covenant and vows made.

Some pieces to share...the ring pillow (by Ashlee), the wedding bulletin & bridesmaid bracelet (by The Wedding Planner)

Not to forget...a song which is specially dedicated to the lovely couple...

Wedding March entitled This Is The Day...hope you like it!

My first wedding planning experience. Hope for more to come :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009





Monday, December 21, 2009

The Fall

Got an unexpected Christmas gift this heart is filled with gratitude yet I only uttered a simple Thank You. It's a limited edition album by Norah Jones entitled above...

Thank you, may God bless you with a wonderful Christmas.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Like Eagles...

We broke the record of the year!!! There's only 12 who turned up for today's service, yet though our number may be small, God still does great things! Ps R were sharing about the life and characteristics of eagles and its resemblance to our journey of faith in beautiful it was...thank You Lord for speaking to us today!

Do you know that eagles can fly 30,000 ft high which any other bird couldn't fly as high? And because of this, they build their nests, usually at cliffs or high trees which other birds couldn't possibly or even try to reach. Wow...that must be one of the reason they are the king of birds, no wonder they always hold their heads up high with the arrogant and bold look...who wouldn't? They are that special and majestic! Let us not be weighed down by ourselves falling short of His glory, we're sinners saved by grace, heirs of the throne who were born into high places.

When a baby eagle is born, the MummyEagle never leaves its nest, making sure that the babies get the best protection. Never will I leave you, never will I forsake you. Now does that sound familiar of the love He has for us? But when the time comes, the MummyEagle comes to 'teach' her babies how to fly. And that's when it gets interesting...

One fine day when the three little eagles (eagles normally only lay 2-3 eggs at a time) are happily enjoying their food and getting fat, enjoying the comfy little shelter that they have lived in every since they're born, realized that something is shaking...and shaking harder and harder...
BabyEagle A: Mum...what's happening? Why are you shaking our home?
BabyEagle B: Our home is going to collapse...are we moving to a bigger house?
BabyEagle C: Earthquake! Earthquake!
And before they can have another word...alas! The whole shelter was shaken and fall apart! Baby eagles have to leave their comfy little nest and step out! Sometimes, when it's been a while that we know the Lord, we suddenly realize that life isn't as beautiful as we thought it is. The fact is that, trusting in God doesn't promise days without rain, but He promised that through rain and sunshine, He will always go through together with us. So here comes the rain...and God shakes our lives, not to harm us, but to force us to step out and FLY!

And here's the three poor little baby are they going to fly? Well, the loving MummyEagle will not just see her kids die. After pushing them out of the nest, she dives and flies carrying her kids on her back...probably showing how flying should be while the kids enjoy the roller coaster ride...the tricky part is a point, Mother Eagle flips over. And guess what? The babies fall! Ahhhhhhhh....hellpppppp meee....mummy.....daddy......ahem, daddy? Where's daddy? When MummyEagle is busy teaching the kids how to fly, DaddyEagle is up there, watching every single thing happening. He saw MummyEagle shaking the nests, carrying the BabyEagles to fly, flipping them over, and letting them fall. Just when the BabyEagles are few hundred ft to touch ground, here comes DaddyEagle and MummyEagle, diving down at lightning speed, to save their kids with their strong beak.

Our lives are sometimes tested and tried, flipped over and we really fall hard....everytime I fall I thought I was gonna die...just like the BabyEagles...but God watches over our lives just like DaddyEagle. He sees us growing, sees us going through tough times, sees us fall, and at just the right timing, He will dive down at lightning speed, to catch us and save us. Everytime He flips us and catch us again, He's teaching us to fly greater heights and have greater faith.

Coming to relationships...eagles mate for life. Once in a lifetime. They don't mate with anyone other than their partner, unless if their partner dies. Even so, they don't mate with any other eagle that is 'attached'. No polygamy. No divorce. No adultery. Till death do them part. Amazing huh? God created eagles on the 5th day of Creation and He said it was good. God created human on the 6th and said it was VERY good. If eagles have such a high standard. I can't see any reason His VERY good creation behaves more lowly than eagles. Oh and when it comes to the part where female eagles test their potential partners? They pick up logs and throw them from above, and the male eagle is supposed to dive and catch it mid-air. The challenge gets harder when everytime the female eagle will throw the logs at a lower altitude...thus shortening the distance between the throwing point and the ground. If at any point the male eagle fails to catch the log at mid-air...that's second interview. Period. Well, I can only marvel at the intelligence of the eagle. Remember earlier that the DaddyEagle is to pick up his kids when they fall during their attempt to fly? The Log Test is for this purpose. Female eagles need to ensure that their partner is fit enough to catch her kids! Well if I'm getting married someday I would want to make sure that my husband is capable of protecting me and my kids. Logical right? And ladies, God intends for us to marry eagles, not those disorganized & chaotic turkeys...(i liked how Ps R word it...hahaha). Men, God intends for you to behave like eagles, and even keeping a higher standard than them, not to behave like turkeys! No offense...I like turkeys when they are stuffed and roasted :)

Through the life span of an eagle when it comes to a point that they are getting 'old'. Their beaks and claws will be covered by calcium disposal...and to continue to live, and not just sit there and do nothing and wait to die, eagles go through a molting process. A painful waiting process of 5 months, where they need to smash their beaks on hard rock until the whole beak breaks and drops, wait for new beak to grow; use its beak to break its claws, wait for new ones to grow; pull out all its feathers, and wait for all the feathers to grow. This process, though extremely painful, renews it's strength physically and mentally. And the first flight after this 150 days of molting process, is towards the sun, way up high...

Isa 40:31 Those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles, they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

I want to be like an eagle, soaring towards the sun.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

An unusual Friday nite...

It's a drizzling quiet night...for normal Fridays I'm always with CG and tonite? I'm casting for the famous series of Home Alone :) thank God for Ivy keeping me company today *hugss big sister* and I had yummy steamboat in Sunway for dinner! I think it's called Summer BBQ&Steamboat....i vote for it over Tasty Pot! But my tummy is really misbehaving and rejecting food tonite and I vomitted :(

I have always believed in The Almighty that He never makes mistakes and His plans are good. He knows exactly what is best for me. And He said that I'm fearfully and wonderfully made and so I am! Still, in my quiet little prayer I hope You hear my cry and heal one understands me and every single cell in me better than You the Creator.

Safe journey for my dear little brother on the way back to SG tonight. Happy birthday & love you always...

Friday, December 11, 2009

Hang Kee

To celebrate the last working Friday of the month (well we always come up with lots of excuses for celebrations :)), we organized lunch to Loke Yew to this shop named Hang Kee (sounds like the machine is hang...haha). Due to some last minute changes only 4 of us ladies went to enjoy this meal...thanks to Steph who drove us there!

Apparently their specialty is Wan Tan Mee but due to our overwhelming appetite...we wanted to try everything! hahaha...
Let the pics tell you about the food we ordered:
(L-R) 1. Dumpling (Sui Kow) 2. Pork Knuckle (yum!!)
(Bottom) 3. Wan Tan Mee with Char Siew & Roast Pork

There goes my Friday lunch and no thanks to it for spoiling my diet plan and making me so sleepy now...but it's can one resist? Food always makes one least for me :)
That was what I was thinking just now, totally tossing away the fact that I'm gonna fit in that MOH dress in two weeks time!

Well I would say the food is worth a try :) Will go back there again, if i can find the place!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Grow old with you

Just the other day & night I catched up with two old time friends...both of them (whom are siblings) had a chat with me on the same topic...J is going through a new phase of life and many times adjustments have to be made (happens to all of us ain't it?) D said I've matured through the experiences God has placed in my life. Though painful, He has made me stronger and an overcomer with His strength. Have I really matured? Physically I do think so when someone guessed that I'm aged 30 that day :)

They told me to trust God...but many times the trust is not just towards God Himself (if it is then it'l be way He keeps His word and makes no mistake) but the trust, firstly in God, next in myself that I have been convicted, heard from Him and decide wisely, and lastly in man that God has placed before me. With all these faith that I needed and more wisdom to ask & seek...hadn't I not mature through this?

December is indeed a month of weddings! Currently addicted to Untitled-02 (stay tuned!) but am suddenly reminded of the song Grow old with you. I have always liked the way Adam Sandlers sing it though I cant help laughing at his hair in The Wedding Singer. Desmond (together with the D brothers) sang this to Dorothy during their wedding...I think it's just very sweet of my big brother :) The simple words phrased exactly how the lives of two joining together is like...simply just be there doing the smallest caring act for one another, and growing old together, in His love.
[As I typed this I'm smiling :) reminded of the 'theology & grammar class' I had last night...]

I pray that His love that join hearts together will walk with my dear friends who're married & en-route to getting married. Oh I love weddings!~

Grow old with you
I wanna make you smile whenever you're sad
Carry you around when your arthritis is bad
All I wanna do is grow old with you

I'll get your medicine when your tummy aches
Build you a fire if the furnace breaks
Oh it could be so nice, growing old with you

I'll miss you
Kiss you
Give you my coat when you are cold

Need you
Feed you
Even let you hold the remote control

So let me do the dishes in our kitchen sink
Put you to bed when you've had too much to drink
Oh I could be the man who grows old with you

I wanna grow old with you

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Husband Program

Dear Tech Support,
Recently I upgraded from Boyfriend 5.0 to Husband 1.0 and noticed that the new program began making unexpected changes to the accounting software, severely limiting access to wardrobe, flower and jewelry applications that operated flawlessly under Boyfriend 5.0. No mention of this phenomenon was included in the product brochure. In addition, Husband 1.0 uninstalls many other valuable programs such as DinnerDancing 7.5, CruiseShip 2.3, and OperaNight 6.1 and installs new, undesirable programs such as PokerNight 1.3, SaturdayFootball 5.0, Golf 2.4 and ClutterEverywhere 4.5. Conversation 8.0 no longer runs, and invariably crashes the system. Under no circumstances will it run DiaperChanging 14.1 or HouseCleaning 2.6. I've tried running Nagging 5.3 to fix Husband 1.0, but this all purpose utility is of only limited effectiveness. Can you help, please!!


Dear XXX,

This is a very common problem women complain about, but it is mostly due to a primary misconception. Many people upgrade from Boyfriend 5.0 to Husband 1.0 with no idea that Boyfriend 5.0 is merely an ENTERTAINMENT package. However, Husband 1.0 is an OPERATING SYSTEM and was designed by its creator to run as few applications as possible. Further, you cannot purge Husband 1.0 and return to Boyfriend 5.0, because Husband 1.0 is not designed to do this. Hidden operating files within your system would cause Boyfriend 5.0 to emulate Husband 1.0, so nothing is gained. It is impossible to uninstall, delete, or purge the program files from the system, once installed. Any new program files can only be installed once per year, as Husband 1.0 has severely limited memory. Error messages are common, and a normal part of Husband 1.0.

In desperation to play some of their "old time" favorite applications, or to get new applications to work, some women have tried to install Boyfriend 6.0, or Husband 2.0. However, these women end up with more problems than encountered with Husband 1.0. Look in your manual under "Warnings: Divorce/Child Support." You will notice that this program runs very poorly, and comes bundled with HeartBreak 1.3. I recommend you keep Husband 1.0, and just learn the quirks of this strange and illogical system. Having Husband 1.0 installed myself, I might also suggest you read the entire section regarding General Partnership Faults [GPFs]. This is a wonderful feature of Husband 1.0, secretly installed by the parent company as an integral part of the operating system. Husband 1.0 must assume ALL responsibility for ALL faults and problems, regardless of root cause. To activate this great feature enter the command "C:\ I THOUGHT YOU LOVED ME". Sometimes Tears 6.2 must be run simultaneously while entering the command. Husband 1.0 should then run the applications Apologize 12.3 and Flowers/Chocolates 7.8.

Avoid excessive use of this feature. Overuse can create additional and more serious GPFs, and ultimately YOU may have to give a C:\ I APOLOGIZE command before the system will return to normal operations. Overuse can also cause Husband 1.0 to default to GrumpySilence 2.5, or worse yet, to Beer 6.0. Beer 6.0 is a very bad program that causes Husband 1.0 to create FatBelly files and SnoringLoudly wave files that are very hard to delete. Save yourself some trouble by following this tech tip!
Just remember! The system will run smoothly, and take the blame for all GPFs, but because of this fine feature it can only intermittently run all the applications Boyfriend 5.0 ran. Husband 1.0 is a great program, but it does have limited memory and cannot learn new applications quickly. Consider buying additional software to improve performance. I personally recommend HotFood 3.0, Lingerie 5.3 and Patience 10.1. Used in conjunction, these utilities can really help keep Husband 1.0 running smoothly. After several years of use, Husband 1.0 will become familiar and you will find many valuable embedded features such as FixBrokenThings 2.1, Snuggling 4.2 and BestFriend 7.6.
A final word of caution! Do NOT, under any circumstances, install MotherInLaw 1.0. This is not a supported application, and will cause selective shutdown of the operating system. Husband 1.0 will run only Fishing 9.4 and Hunting 5.2 until MotherInLaw 1.0 is uninstalled.
I hope these notes have helped. Thank you for choosing to install Husband 1.0 and we here at Tech Support wish you the best of luck in coming years. We trust you will learn to fully enjoy this product!
Tech Support

Monday, December 7, 2009

JOTD (Joke of the day) 1

Elder Doctor Wong = 更老的医生Wong

Aloysius (Male) : Amoysius (Female)

Laugh your lungs out!!! hahahaha....

Bridal March

I hadn't really know how much I love the bridal march (the original bridal chorus from Richard Wagner...yes the one we hear over and over again during weddings) until I kept listening to them and having goosebumps all over. Is it the song? The lyrics? Or the meaning behind the significant day? Modern people perceive marriage as just a paper, some even think it is unnecessary...if two person is happily living together and ok with the idea of not getting married, so be it! But if you're committed enough why not get married? Call me old-fashioned, I still believe in marriage, the wedding ceremony and it's in a girl's dreams (or rather speaking for my own) that she'll one day walk down the aisle with the white gown.

Yet, having to wait for my own moment to come (if it will ever come), I realized that I love weddings not just the idea of two person getting married, but to be part of it, it just simply makes me happy. Am honored for the first time to plan a wedding, and to be the Maid-of-Honor, for my best friends J&Y (I bet at this point they are too busy to read this)...but to have less than 3 weeks to their wedding, I'm getting more and more excited and anticipating to complete the projects to make the day beautiful and memorable for them.

Listening to a humble piece of my own...thought it's yet to be completed...
Just a thought, I hope to write more bridal marches & plan more weddings.
Perhaps someday, my own bridal march...

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ask, Seek, Knock

Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and the door shall be opened to you - Matt 7:7

When you're unsure what to ask for, or whether that you've received is what He actually gives you according to what you've asked what a call a dilemma...why am I always in a dilemma...have I not learnt to hear better over the years? I wonder...

It's been a while since I was being reminded of that prayer area which I didnt want to touch for a long time. Of course it's still in my nerves, my childhood dream...but having to go through history...I just wanted to shrug that off a little and think no more, hear no more, feel no more...hahaha...not ignorant...but ignoring! After all, life has so much more than that and probably I'm called to do other things...

But well, coming back, I started praying again...yes of course only He knows why and what makes me remembering that prayer. I cant help to admit, yes I'm afraid. Very. How would I ever know? How should I pray about it? I really have no idea. More mixture of feelings which I dont understand spoils the drink...well, I still by faith, asked anyway. Take it away if it's not Your will, remove my confusion if this is not from You, show me confirmations whether this is from You...that's the only few things I can think of...knowing Him, He works according to His own clock and calendar. Absolutely no rushing. He knows best when to place things in. So the art of knowing the answer is, W A I T. Not just plain waiting for add some flavors of T R U S T and P A T I E N C E in it...speaking from experience, you'll need it, trust me.

Yesterday I flared up within me when I saw that happened...I can feel the breathing difference and pressure from my prolapsed valve, but...why was I so angry? But truly, it hurts. 'kik sim' is the word in my mother tongue if you can understand. I feel so not myself...and I hate this feeling. Off to prayer I go...only in Him that I can find comfort and forgiveness...

Friday, December 4, 2009

No news is good news?

Some people say 'no news is good news'...well not exactly when you are waiting for a news that needs to be either Yes or No. But what if the answer is 'Pending'...A news which I dreaded...or should I actually feel happy about it? Why is the door half opened...then half closed? And I'm required to wait for another 2 weeks. Everyday seem to pass by so slowly...but in a blink of any eye it's already reaching the end of 2009! So much of mix feelings in me...and how will this remarkable checkpoint end for this year?

I wonder...and continue wandering...

I hadn't realize until just now that I've had two 'die-hearted' moments this year (if you know what it means when literally translated into Mandarin)...I have already moved on for one. What about the second one?

Sipping the hot CM in my hand...the red Christmas cup has wordings of PEACE, WISH, HOPE on it...guess that's all I need...

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The name of the game - W A I T

What's the name of the game? Perseverance? Open one eye close one eye? Forget everything and go for the dollars? So much of world views clouding around me each day.

I once thought to be placed in Crete, to be a testimony, His light and salt...oh tell me, You alone know how difficult it is! Another good friend threw in the towel yesterday...I suddenly felt as if part of me is drowned...I too, once saw this glimpse of light and thought my time was near...yet, it turned into cold coal that isn't burning now. I'd rather it be ashes then I can totally wipe that off my mind...sigh...some things are just plain out of our control.

Words can't express how I feel and the tremendous pressure pushing me against the wall. The joy that I once had, has gone ever since...the first day I came? And to make things worse, I'm tied here, over and over again...and finally when all the terms on paper are comes another crush on my hope. Why? I asked. Silent. Total silent. I'm absolutely sure that You have heard me. But what does silent means? Wait longer? Pray harder? Stay closer? I'm dumb enough to not understand what Your thoughts and plans are. Yet in my mind it tells me You hold the world in Your hands and You are Sovereign. So I will still trust. I choose to trust. But how long can I stand? Can You see that I'm not able to stand in this strong wind anymore? I'm meek, cold, alone and defeated. But suddenly again I caught a glimpse of Your word...

If my people who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray, I will hear from heaven, I will answer their prayer and restore their land.

So what am I waiting for? Instantly said a prayer. I want so much the way I hope things to happen. But I want Your will to be done more. It's proven I'm a failure in choosing, except for You, of course :) So still quietly I ask...deliver me...I don't know how're You gonna do it. But You're just like my superman...You know...

Yesterday someone asked me a funny question, "Are you still working?"...I was like...Duh...What kind of question is that...OF COURSE I'm working! Unless if there's some rich guy who love me so much not to let me work...*piak* wake up!!! If there's such a person, I'll tell him, sorry I won't marry you if you don't let me work! If ever I'm not working in the secular world, I know I'll be working somewhere in the world where He places me.

It's a cold morning's been raining frequently these couple of nice if I can wake up in a relax mode, and have a grande hot latte beside my bed...there goes The Everly Brothers..."All I have to do is dream...dream dream dream..."

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's already December!

The month of December is already here! Amidst the feeling of a busy coming month...I find myself thinking back and looking at my footsteps of this challenging year. Looking at the calendar on my table which titles 'Rise Above Challenges'...will I be able to do so for the coming year? I pray.

I suddenly feel fearful to remember what was there in the past 11 months. Too much to bear, yet God is always too good to be true. Going through significant amount of challenges and major disappointments in life is something I would want to escape. Sometimes how I wish the journey gets easier...but without all these, what am I learning? Probably He'l still place other trials to test my walk of faith. God, You alone know how tough it is, how tough it has been...I cant help but cry out 'Have mercy on me...' And it still keeps coming...Another wave before one stops...that's how the Chinese Proverbs put it...will I be able to walk through this? I'm confident that I can't. But with You, I'm more than able.

I'm fearful to take a next step on anything...especially on areas where I have fell and stood up and fell and stood up...Your Word tells me, where there is love, fear subsides. I pray for your overwhelming love in my life and going through every single step with me...was reminded of a love song I've used to sing...

You are the love of my life
You are the hope that I cling to
You mean more than this world to me
I wouldn't trade You for silver or gold
I wouldn't trade You for riches untold
You are, You are my everything

Indeed, You are. No one loves me more than You do.
Lead me, I pray.

Monday, November 30, 2009


不知道什么时候,那种不实在的感觉慢慢地离我越来越远了。。。不实在的感觉其实好可怕,不能相信自己,反正左右也不对就是了。以前自己以为对的好的重要的,就依自己的方法决定,而也一而再地碰钉子。您的话语说,"我 知 道 我 向 你 们 所 怀 的 意 念 是 赐 平 安 的 意 念 , 不 是 降 灾 祸 的 意 念 , 要 叫 你 们 末 后 有 指 望。"



Let it burn...

Finally the page is ready to be viewed...I was getting much in touch with my HTML editing skills which were shelved ever since i got my scroll! But it was fun doing the scripting again :)

I've not been actively blogging since years ago...have I changed to be more quiet over the years? getting more lazy? no time? or has other technologies like the must-have-facebook replaced my writings? well...i look forward for what's more to come. I'm starting to blog again!

Meanwhile...why have i named this blog a small burning candle?
I came across this interesting quote the other day~
'There's no amount of darkness in all the world enough to put out the light of even one small candle...'

I was imagining the force of darkness so strong that it pushes and stressing up this smll little candle...but it just wont put the fire just wont...I had the image in my mind for few days and couldnt get it out...and since i'm thinking of what to name my blog...i'll just call it A small burning candle. It seems to give me some strength just by thinking of it. Thinking of the burning candle, i suddenly thought of the burning bush near Mount Sinai...ya i know it's nothing related except for the fire...but well that's just a thought anyway...

More posts to come...let the fire continue to burn...