Friday, March 25, 2011


因為有祢 破碎的能歌唱
因為有祢 心中充滿盼望 我還能活出夢想


因為有祢 生命能延續
因為有祢 我不再有恐懼 心能夠得安息

当生命里的压迫不断冲向我, 你的恩典够我用⋯⋯


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Left unspoken

Drafted about valentines earlier, but had been too caught up with things and hadn't had a chance to publish that i'm in want of posting, the post seem expired....hence I decided not to. Probably keeping it for some time until I cleared it out the box, or keep until I next have a chance to post it.

How many times we're at the verge of uttering some words but never grab the opportunity to?
How many times we still go ahead and utter it even when the right timing is long gone?
How many times we finally waited until the next right timing to let it out?
How many times, we never had a chance to say what was meant to be said?

Human are often greedy, thinking to get a better timing, better person, better opportunity, which we may never get, and worse still, missed the earlier boat. It's all the battle of the mind, what we think and how we decide, and which is the final winning side.

The place where many dreams were buried, the grave, is also a place people stood by, in silence, in tears, or in the mind, uttering words left unspoken.....