Friday, July 30, 2010

Defining Beauty - Twins

Tiring day...i recalled last night when I had the pampering massage on my tired feet...wanna take the opportunity to introduce to you a friend who has passion in beauty and for girls to pamper and beautify themselves. Check out Twins Beauty Specialist @ Sunway Giza...The New Opening promotion is an unbelievable 50% off for everything on the menu!

Check out for yourself...and for the lovely nails i got last night, ain't they cute?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Game Over

Never a football fan, nor someone who understood football. I actually set time apart to watch 3 matches this FIFA WC 2010. Can you believe it? You better do :)

I must say that I really gained a lot of knowledge about I can understand why people likes staring at a screen with 20 over guys running after a tiny ball in a gigantic field. Well, at least that's what I did too, and I enjoyed. It's more than passing the ball and scoring the goal, each technique the players used to control the ball, passing the ball, and even some foul movements that looks so unreasonable but the referee didnt whistle, has a purpose and skill behind. Though I may not know how to kick it, but I truly start to like watching.

The only 3 matches I watched was GER vs ENG, GER vs ARG & GER vs ESP. I didnt actually recall when did I start supporting the Nazis. All in all, I still think they put up with a good team fighting spirit this WC. Set aside my fav Klose, all others were equally good and instead of some big players in the event that has a couple of super kickers in the team, not to mention that ENG really is disappointing, GER has what we call a football TEAM. [Say what you like, this is what I think. Yes, as a first-timer!]

It was a tensed match between GER & ESP. The Spanish were bulls enough where the Germans were defensive and reserved. If Muller is on the field it could be another different story. Some say Paul the blur sotong is the one mastering this whole game, with a convincing 100% correct prediction towards the German's matches. I wonder how many people change their minds on betting based on the sotong's prediction...I prayed hard for the sotong to be wrong, coz it's saddening to see people 'worshipping' it rather than the Maker. But He has greater plans. The Germans had to lose so that no more predictions from the sotong for WC Final. Or else, how many more will be affected by gambling their life away, and worse still based on the trust in a sotong...goodness!

A young and agressive squad, with a strong goalie, good attacking & defending skills, I really hope they will make it back in the next WC. Till then, let's see how the Spanish bulls kick out the potatoes~