Thursday, April 29, 2010

Serenity Prayer

How many times have we come accross situations where we couldn't change? Face trials where we couldn't do a thing?
At these times, our talents, skills, strengths, abilities all seem to burst into air, and turn into ashes...
At these times, prayer, is the only thing that matters, that will move mountains, that is above all ability, that is able to give us peace.

I can't help to startle at the amplitude of stress from surroundings that overwhelms my soul...I couldn't take a step further without quieting down and run back to Him for energy...yet His word says, 'Take heart, I have overcome it all...' This is He, the Mighty One, the I AM.

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Climate Change...

I once heard this saying, If you love something, set it free, if it comes back to you, it is yours. If it does not, it was never meant to be.

Parting, is one of the most difficult thing in life that I have to learn to deal with. Sometimes it just cost us so much of emotional drain, just to let go of someone or even merely something that is dear to us. When we first started GEPC, we are carrying a vision that this will be a church to disciple young people, build up leaders, discover and expand potentials, and send out people that will walk forth the path with the gospel of peace. And until today, this vision has never fail to encourage us to keep going, to answer the call that God has for our lives.

Trust me, it was never easy to have people that is so dear leaving you one by one, year by year…But having to see young people answering callings in lives and going forth to proclaim His good news in places they will be placed, never fail to give me the blessed assurance that His word is ever true as written in Jeremiah 29:11. Through these years God has helped me to learn the art of ‘parting’ and learn to be stronger. So everyone is leaving, ‘what about me?’ was a question I asked years ago. ‘where would I go?’ is another one…and ‘what is my calling and mission field?’ still keep ringing in my mind…

A pastor whom I truly respect told me this, ‘we have to learn to have a burden for people around us…no matter where we are placed’…this simply message touched my heart so much that I have thought over it for weeks. Yes…indeed at this point of time in my life, this is where God has placed me and THIS is my mission field. He has called me to serve and disciple and THIS is where I will build His church and the gates of hades shall not prevail against it! So does it matter too much where we wanna go so badly? Or matter so much when our brother or sister have to leave to somewhere else where God has placed him/her there?

Emotionally…I think I will still say yes, no doubt I’m still human. But the peace of mind given by Him that surpasses all understanding has taught me to learn the word SOVEREIGN. He plans best and never makes mistakes. So if you are reading this and you’re the one going to be sent out as ‘lambs among the wolves’ to where He has destined you to be, Fear Not, my brother & sister. We have a Hope that is ever sure.
In the next few months we will be going through a time of testing. More than half of the campus leaders will be called to the next phase of their lives. It will be a testing stage for those leaving as well as those remaining.

Some already asked, what will happen next? Well, I can assure you there’s no magic that anyone can do but our prayers and faith in God is definitely gonna turn the situation the way He purposed it! Phil Pringle once preached, a church grows in the climate of war…when we are weak we shall be made strong!

Into Your hands Lord, we entrust GEPC to you. Bring us through this climate of war!