Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tiger Woohoo~

I had, by chance, got to hear of the very odd name of this show...everyone in town is talking about it...and so I heard, an all-Malaysian movie, produced locally...the only reason that prompted me to watch is that to support the filming industry of Malaysia by purchasing a ticket for this. Well, I wanted too, to see how good the production will off we went, 5 of us to MV for this movie.

I didnt know what story it is about, and didnt bother to watch the synopsis...anyway as I rarely spend on watching Chinese movies in cinema...i figured that there would always be laughter and since it's a CNY movie, it should be quite relaxing. I was impressed by the theme song...before going for the show. So I was anticipating a good one. And I mean good.

Well, I must say that I have laughed every bit of the joke, cried at a couple of scenes where it really touched my heart, and felt so at home watching this very movie. Thumbs up to the production team. And I'm proud, for the first time, watching a movie like this, by our very own fellow Malaysians...

Tiger Woohoo!~

Friday, January 22, 2010


Ever since the unusual souvenir I got from Sibu Island, I decided not to slow down and keep the pace going. Be it staying healthy, building stamina, keeping shape or giving myself another reason to eat more...I'm working on keeping the schedule, just starting from 15mins at the park on Wed, and 30mins this morning at the gym.

It's such a nice way to kick start my lovely Friday morning. Though I had swollen eyes due to only-I-know-why, I woke up before 7 and got my feet going when the sky's still dim. The sweat's great and I love the after - a warm shower and hair wash...simply comforting for a nice day ahead.

Keep it going! I'm determined to make this regular :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A wish came true...

I've wanted to get away to an island or at least a beach...amidst all the hectic days going on since towards the end of last year...with the Pangkor Island plans going silent to nowhere...I thought this will not happen until who-knows-when...but God has been good and He made my wish came true! another way but was a great weekend off at Sibu Island!

On 15th Jan 4.30am we reached the lobby of PS. The familiar GJ is still unopened on a relaxing friday morning...roads are nice to travel as i reached in less than 8 mins from home! There we started our journey, 3 hours on PLUS and 3 hours on the winding trunk road. I was soundly asleep after a while reading as the nite earlier i hardly slept. Winding roads are no threat to me. And there we were, at the jetty of Tanjung Leman via Kulai. Finally i caught a glimpse of water & huge wind...we cant even take a photo correctly without holding my hair...but the feeling of the wind hitting my face was simply great...

Coming up next was what I call unexpected. The boat ride heading Sibu Island, the 30 mins was challenging. It was roller coaster all the way as the sea was very choppy. January is the worst Monsoon season they have here and trust me, my pal googled on how to avoid motion sickness before she got on board...many people felt uneasy and wanted to puke...for me...It's just the usual roller coaster feeling that I don't like...the one where you feel your heart drop. Mine dropped numerous times in the boat carrying 50 over of us. But as soon as all these 'storm' were over...what's in front made me forgot all of it...

Total peace and tranquility. I forgotten bout the rough boat ride earlier...meetings over meetings and activities that lined up doesnt seem bad after all...when I'm just here...I felt so free. When I was here looking at this beach and enjoying the seabreeze...I can't help to say, "Thank You"...He's so Almighty yet detailed enough to grant my little wish and make me happy.

On the 2nd nite we were out sitting at this beach looking up...stars filled the whole much just like the descendants of Abraham....uncountable....someone said, 'Ei why didnt we see this much stars in KL?'...the other answered, 'If you're in KL, usually during this time if you're still outside you would be rushing to get home. How often will you look up there?' haha...true enough. In the midst of our busy-ness in life, how often do we look up?

3 days passed in just a wink of an eye...I left the island with its souvenir of body aches all over...but it was worth every bit of it. And on our way back, we left through Kluang, passing by the familiar childhood house of grandpa's. The familiar Shell station has turned into Caltex...and there was a big signboard which says 'Agape Shelter' at the field. That very field had lots of our laughter and tears, all of me and my cousins through our growing years. That familiar court, was once a place filled with drum rolls and cheers of Lion Dance, as well as our yearly reunion on firecrackers...those were the days...and I'm glad I caught a glimpse of this place again. I'm glad though I'll never get to stay in this place again, it has now been used for His glory, to be a shelter for those who need this place more than myself.

Back to routine in the heart of KL. I enjoyed the weekend a lot, enjoyed that night a lot, where I just looked up the skies and stars and marvelled at His creation. My eyes looked up, so does my heart.

Monday, January 11, 2010


When it comes to New Year resolutions, people mention about having better time management, self improvement and it all still sums up to how we prioritize life. Everyone has different goals to achieve every year, simply because our convictions and views and priorities in lives are different. What often is the priority of your life? It will then affect choices that we make. We can either list down 100 goals to achieve, and failing all of them if they do not tie back to our priority list, or relook into our priorities, and start PRIORITIZING them...Prioritizing starts with relooking into things in life which are vital, less important and some, totally irrelevant!

But based on whose standard you may ask? Based on whose terms do we know that we are drawing the priorities right? Well, there are no definite answers...but I've learnt to know that Only One set of Word does not contradict itself at any point. It took historians, politicians, researchers, philosophers and many more, to study this myth and still come to a conclusion that yes, only His Word never contradicts at any point between the lines, at all. If you have came across using user guides or instruction manuals to fix things and ended up making it worse, you'll know how important it is to have a set of manual that is reliable and accurate.
Well, of course, this life is MINE, and I can live how I want it to be, according to MY interests, plans and feelings, as well as when I want it to happen, and what do I think is good. Truth is, this all-correct Word has only taught us about the Holy Trinity: Father, Son & Holy Spirit and has said nothing about relying on the unholy trinity: me, myself & I...needless for me to conclude here huh?

Prioritizing, is tightly related with choices. Choose for yourselves, then.
And quoting Joshua "As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord..."

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Lost in Wonder

A nite where I'm lost of words...the past 24 hours have been like a dream to me...I lost my Little Black yesterday. After almost 3 years, it just disappear...I felt so lost of words and didn't really know how to react. Finally finished all the necessary reports and documents submission for the claim...pray that everything goes well...

There's a saying, a friend in need is a friend indeed. I'm truly blessed by the love and care from my dear friends. Just a phone call means so much to me. I thank God for all the love He has given me. Lost of words, but also lost in the wonder of His love...As I go through the tough times with a single trail of footprints...I know, He is the only One carrying me through...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


大风轻 把头摇一摇
风停了 又挺直腰
大雨来 弯着背 让雨浇
雨停了 抬起头 站直脚
不怕风 不怕雨 立志要长高
小草 实在是并不小


Sunday, January 3, 2010

Lingering thoughts...

The usual two hour drive back from home seems passing by so fast today...I can't even complete my set of thinking...or probably it was God's plan that He didnt want me to think too much...I started disliking the wandering thoughts in my mind...somehow I wished they had not exist. Well why wouldn't I? It's there when I wished it wasn't. It's there when I'm supposed to think about other more important things. And whether I like it or's there when it feels like it. Have they asked my permission to linger in my mind?!

Furious...I guess this is one of the nights that I'm just plain angry at myself and I know every single reason why. Somehow I wished all these had not happened and I was just back where I was. I guess I would be happier. But this little voice is ringing in me saying 'I am the One, the Sovereign One'...okay okay...I know...I shouldn't have said that. But You know me, You know what I've gone through. You know how much I wanted to avoid this...You know how hard I tried...(well...maybe not hard enough) but You know that I can' this anymore.

I don't want to be like the light and weightless shawl hanging on the hanger...but part of me knew that You wanted me to trust you, and not use my wisdom & strength to work things out the way I wanted. This is a lesson that I have to learn again and again. The fact that this is bothering me so much...tells me off that I'm having such little faith! How could I doubt...after all the faithful journeys we could I?

Quietly my prayer goes to You and I know You hear them. It doesn't matter how it goes...what matters is along the way You are walking with me and I shall not fear nor rush Your timing.

The smell of fresh air after a shower of rain, and the dimming night lights are my faithful companion at this hour. Amazed, I can watch them all night long and just let my eyes linger on the wide sky and moving cars...I love the sky just like that...still, wide & peaceful...just like Your assuring love for me.

Friday, January 1, 2010


Just read a post by A about the coincidences of the number 2...just realized my day was filled with lots of 1!
Such a relaxing way to start the 1st day of the year...woke up at 11, had my fav hometown 1-ton-mee, watch some videos, lazying around, getting ready to go shopping! can life be better than this? I love coming home... :)

I'm carefully planning my goals for the year. Thinking whether I should post 'em up here...still some touch up to do so that my goals are more specific, measurable & executable. Or should I just keep as a little secret with the Almighty?

Currently catching up on my long lost book - Finding Favour with the King by Tommy Tenney. I don't really fancy the name Esther...well I don't really hate it but i won't be naming my baby that...but this particular Esther is a woman that I look up to. More for me to learn.

Blessed New Year everyone!