Monday, November 30, 2009


不知道什么时候,那种不实在的感觉慢慢地离我越来越远了。。。不实在的感觉其实好可怕,不能相信自己,反正左右也不对就是了。以前自己以为对的好的重要的,就依自己的方法决定,而也一而再地碰钉子。您的话语说,"我 知 道 我 向 你 们 所 怀 的 意 念 是 赐 平 安 的 意 念 , 不 是 降 灾 祸 的 意 念 , 要 叫 你 们 末 后 有 指 望。"



Let it burn...

Finally the page is ready to be viewed...I was getting much in touch with my HTML editing skills which were shelved ever since i got my scroll! But it was fun doing the scripting again :)

I've not been actively blogging since years ago...have I changed to be more quiet over the years? getting more lazy? no time? or has other technologies like the must-have-facebook replaced my writings? well...i look forward for what's more to come. I'm starting to blog again!

Meanwhile...why have i named this blog a small burning candle?
I came across this interesting quote the other day~
'There's no amount of darkness in all the world enough to put out the light of even one small candle...'

I was imagining the force of darkness so strong that it pushes and stressing up this smll little candle...but it just wont put the fire just wont...I had the image in my mind for few days and couldnt get it out...and since i'm thinking of what to name my blog...i'll just call it A small burning candle. It seems to give me some strength just by thinking of it. Thinking of the burning candle, i suddenly thought of the burning bush near Mount Sinai...ya i know it's nothing related except for the fire...but well that's just a thought anyway...

More posts to come...let the fire continue to burn...