Monday, March 22, 2010

Here's my eventful weekend!

Such an eventful weekend~
Weekends, usually fully packed for me, is the same this week. However, amidst busy-ness i really thank God for being able to spend quality time with people and still find strength to go on and on!

To start on, Saturday morning was greeted with an early rise and morning swim. I then joined J&Y to Subang to meet up with our auditor on some accounting matters and next we headed to a K-luunch. Sing sing sing like how Chris Tomlin put it...we had a great time together with Jas, Lee & WanZi. Next we head to church, running here and there settling down for errands but still, I manage to catch a bowl of yummy cendol :) It was a wonderful service with His presence all throughout the praise & word. Many were ministered to and I took the chance to bless some of my sisters with prayers I longed to. By the time we head for dinner it's already 9...but it was a relax one as we watched the recent CNY movie of the 72 tenants...

I was home safely after a couple of jokes from Jimmy on the 'bert' and some funny names that followed. Tired, I did laundry, some cleaning up, and head for an episode of drama while waiting for laundry...well thank God the dvd couldnt be played after a while or else I would've spent longer time there. Frustrated after trying for so long, I went back to my room for some uZapping and a chapter on Selwyn Hughes' book. I can't pretty understand ZiHui & Lee out there watching a movie without I greeted them goodnight before turning in...there goes, my Saturday. And oh, before my eyes closed, I played that song which always puts me to bed :)

The sleep seems to be too tiring as I was having terrible dreams which in my heart I truly pray that they won't be real.

Sunday morning, I was up before my alarm at 8 rang...grrrr...there came a growling in my tummy, can you believe it? Guess I should know where does my additional pounds come from...Roll and roll until slightly before 9, I decided to wake up and go to church early, just to catch anyone's that's around for breakfast. Had a satisfying pau and enjoyed the most happening event in GEPC....Sunday prayer! For real, ask any of my youths and they will tell you the same :) As we finished prayer and preparing for lunch, the Guitar & Drama performance team separated for practice for coming Easter. Well, lunch wasn't really worth mentioning, but of course as a responsible consumer, please do consider twice if you are considering the i-shabu place above Gading. Trust me, think twice. Can you believe that after an unsatisfying lunch which we particularly cancelled half of our orders, we headed to Gading for a real piece of food! Yum!

After lunch was house viewing with J,Y & Sean. Can't believe with that price and location, still it was sold out so fast! Without making any purchase, we went to Taipei Walker for some drinks. Thumbs up for the sour plum green tea. Yum! Others were so so only with that price paid. I assure you that Uncle Bob serves better ShiLin chicken...I was waiting for a call to climb the FRIM hill but I guess it was called off due to the weather. J suggested we go swimming instead. And there, within the next hour we were gathering and picking up Jane, Lean, Hui, KC and go back to my place for a short 'rest' and feasting session since it was drizzling. Thanks KC for the yummy dessert :)

Weather got better with milder drizzle and so off we went to the pool! You gotta see for your own eyes the 2 funny girls carrying a huge umbrella sitting by the pool while watching the rest of us swim. We had a great time there, for about an hour and headed up for a shower before dinner. And the word what worth mentioning. Let the pics speaks for themselves...

I remember the yellow bowls and cutleries which looks like prisoner's. But the food, was really good I tell that I've found this again, next round I've to bring mum here...Such a nice hot bowl of soup on a rainy Sunday nite after a swim. Now, how does that sound? :)

The night's complimented with a constant drizzle and nice to sleep, too nice for me not to wake up this morning and late for class! And yeah, I went Body Pump for the first time this morning. I feel dumb as usual...but instructor said he thought I did weights before. Well probably that's just some motivational words for me to keep coming. Haha!

Coming up this week, none other than CG outing! Tentatively I'm already joining 3 CGs on Thurs, Fri & Sun...Woohoo~

Friday, March 5, 2010


Was catching up on the drama of Burning Flame III...those familiar characters remind me of old times when the drama first showed...the spirit of never giving up (though its just a drama) never fails to draw tears and inspire me. And yes I still know, it's just a drama :)

Want to share on this closing song...the introduction was very familiar at once...then I realize it's another different song all over... Enjoy :)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Marching into March...

Didn't realize that I have not been blogging for almost a month, well not exactly as Feb is quite a short month. CNY is officially over last night...The eat, drink and be merry sessions were heart warming and something I really look forward to every year. This year however, is extremely hot at my sweet little hometown of's just superrrrrrrrrrr hot and un-tahan-able...without air-cond and frequent showers it's hard to even stay still at home...thank God for the inventors of air conditioners.

The last weekend of the CNY was celebrated well in a little town called Seremban. A group of us were there for Leaders Retreat at STM, a local Theological Seminary. I'm thankful for the sessions that well blessed my heart and recharged my spirit, as well as bonding sessions of games which really sweat us all out! Too bad we didnt get to have the famous bbq crab or else the trip would be flawless...well, looking forward to the next one :)

Marching into March, it'll be busy months usual...and i'm already lining up my schedule for the coming months. Weddings, Easter, Conferences, Trips...etc etc...For sure one of the items in the SMART list will be conquering that really looking forward to it!