Friday, March 25, 2011


因為有祢 破碎的能歌唱
因為有祢 心中充滿盼望 我還能活出夢想


因為有祢 生命能延續
因為有祢 我不再有恐懼 心能夠得安息

当生命里的压迫不断冲向我, 你的恩典够我用⋯⋯


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Left unspoken

Drafted about valentines earlier, but had been too caught up with things and hadn't had a chance to publish that i'm in want of posting, the post seem expired....hence I decided not to. Probably keeping it for some time until I cleared it out the box, or keep until I next have a chance to post it.

How many times we're at the verge of uttering some words but never grab the opportunity to?
How many times we still go ahead and utter it even when the right timing is long gone?
How many times we finally waited until the next right timing to let it out?
How many times, we never had a chance to say what was meant to be said?

Human are often greedy, thinking to get a better timing, better person, better opportunity, which we may never get, and worse still, missed the earlier boat. It's all the battle of the mind, what we think and how we decide, and which is the final winning side.

The place where many dreams were buried, the grave, is also a place people stood by, in silence, in tears, or in the mind, uttering words left unspoken.....

Monday, January 17, 2011

One way street

Taking a wrong lane led me to a longer way home today. The everyday road towards home which is so familiar...yet i took a wrong way....despite the familiarities....times where rationalities are clouded by a dreaming mind....

How many times have i taken a longer way towards my destiny because of a wrong turn, a wrong exit, a wrong lane, or led by a wrong gps signal? Numerous. I wonder if i could see the map of my life in the eyes of His, and probably i'll laugh at my stupidity and blurness of taking all the wrong ways, which took me to a longer route towards where i'm supposed to be earlier. Yet His assuring words says, "For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future". And not only that, He does everything in His time.

He foreknew the turns i would take, far before i arrived at the crossroad. Why then? Didnt You alert me? Why didnt You grab me before i took that way. I did, He says....but I love you too much to make you a robot, which is why I let you choose. Choices. Sometimes I really hate them. Too little, we complain boring; too many, we became indecisive. They say women are hard to please. Sometimes i kinda agree :) Worst, after all the considerations, it's still a wrong choice, that's what i dreaded.
Am i too a perfectionist that i cant stand a mistake in my life? Or rather, is that i wish there were better ways to learn lessons instead of going thru the hard ways, which i chose them. Sometimes I tend to forget, and i guess people around me forget too...that i, am not a superwoman. Just a mere human sustained by His everlasting grace.
And i'm in need of more, to stay on the one way street leading me back Home....

Monday, January 10, 2011

Have you found your package?

Many things in life, comes in a package....
With life, we have aging, getting sick, and death.
With love, we have misunderstandings, quarrels, sweet moments, and heartaches.
With truth, we have relief, pain, and often a pinch.
With great power, we have great responsibilities...

Since when I started pondering the packages of life, wonder why had He package things in such a way? Or rather, many times it was our homo sapien's shallow minds and hurried decisions that caused us into these kind of packages? The good package of creation comes with pleasure, purpose and eternal life. Yet a simple act of disobedience repackaged it. And often, we put the blame on someone, somewhere, someOne else...We wouldn't be able to understand how wrong we have been until we begin to embrace the good orginal purpose of mankind, and to accept the undying love of God towards human, and to build our faith on Christ whom people so condemned on the cross.

Some thought that one is not good enough to be a christian...truth is, none of us are. He come to heal the broken, cure the sick, and forgive the sinners. Not to gather perfect men to the heavenly club. Some thought life is meant for enjoyment, so let's wait till before one is dying, then we'll talk about religion...truth is, there's no religious talk's only about the relationship with God the Father, to come back to His heartbeat for us, and mind you....nobody will know when is our last hour. I just got a news this morning of a passing away ex-coll of mine, who was supposed to get married this year....mind hammering news....i couldnt help to hold back the numbness i felt. Life is short, what do you want to use it for?

The package of sin, has came with the promising salvation through Christ. Have you found it?
Gazing upon the promising cross of a faithful friend, I know, I found where I belong.